Fundamentals of Offshore Field Development

By distance learning, .
Apr 23 2014 - Jul 30 2014

Offshore oil and gas fields are complex and capital intensive projects, involving specialised technologies, techniques and vessels, precise planning and extensive support mechanisms. The management of these operations also has to take into account the critical issues of safety and environmental protection.

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Fundamentals of Marine Drilling

By part-time distance learning over 12 weeks, .
Jun 17 2014 - Jul 31 2014

This popular professional development training explores the marine drilling sector as a central part of any offshore development, both in the exploration and production phases. The course delivers a comprehensive A-to-Z explanation of offshore drilling as part of the full subsea field development process. Drilling rig components and marine drilling systems are explained in detail, as well as methods of rig mooring and positioning, issues of drilling safety and blowout prevention. New drilling approaches and highly automated rigs are discussed, with examples and case studies from field developments around the world.

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Fundamentals of Petroleum Engineering

By part-time distance learning over 12 weeks, .
Jun 25 2014 - Sep 25 2014

The Fundamentals of Petroleum Engineering course explains the engineering principles which underpin the upstream oil and gas sector. Anyone working in exploration and production will benefit from this programme which delivers core foundation knowledge of the technology and processes involved.

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Design of subsea pipelines

Skene House Rosemount, Aberdeen
Jun 30 2014 - Aug 11 2014

This course explores the engineering principles behind pipeline design and the codes that you need to know.

Key learning areas

  • Understand issues affecting design, to appreciate why pipelines are made the way they are
  • Practise calculations based on industry codes
  • Discuss industry developments and new technologies
  • Gain know-how on which questions to ask

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Introduction to the oil and gas industry

By Distance Learning, .
Jun 30 2014 - Aug 11 2014

This course provides a complete overview of the oil and gas industry from its origin, exploration methods and production processes to commercial trends and technical terms. If you’re new to the industry or ever wondered how it all works, this is the course for you!

Key learning areas

  • a non-technical overview of the petroleum industry, the people that work in it and key events that have shaped its development
  • a better understanding of how you and your company fit into the bigger picture
  • an understanding of industry terms and acronyms
  • an awareness of market drivers and commercial trends

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Fundamentals of Gas & LNG Contracts & Pricing

By part-time distance learning over 12 weeks, .
Jul 1 2014 - Aug 12 2014

This unique and valuable 12-week distance learning course will enable professionals in the gas sector and gas advisory services to:

  • Develop their industry knowledge to a high level including the implications of shale gas discovery
  • Make astute sourcing decisions given variation in pricing and historical escalation methodologies
  • Construct and interpret gas/LNG and gas transportation contracts
  • Negotiate from a position of strength and gain a competitive edge by knowing the latest pricing and contract issues.

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Introduction to offshore windfarms

By Distance Learning, .
Jul 14 2014 - Aug 14 2014

This course will give you a complete overview of the engineering principles involved in offshore wind farm design, development, construction, operation and maintenance. You will learn about the principles of engineering an offshore wind farm project from start to finish and understand step-by-step how wind farms are designed and built.

Key learning areas include:

  • Understanding the principles of wind turbine technology
  • Learning about the offshore wind market and supply chain
  • Learning how wind farms are operated and maintained
  • Identifying the risks involved with offshore wind projects
  • Learning from examples and case studies to understand theory and practice
  • Understanding key industry terms and acronyms

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Directional Drilling Training

Benchmark Petroleum Inst, Houston
Jul 28 2014 - Aug 8 2014

This course is designed to provide the candidates with knowledge and to develop skills for fundamental operations of Oil well Directional Drilling and Bottom Hole Assembly. It includes classroom instructions, simulated exercises and professional coaching.

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Maximising Value from Mature Fields

Grand Connaught Rooms, London
Jul 28 2014 - Jul 30 2014

What’s going on this year?

  • Take new steps to reverse production decline by learning how OMV Petrom have applied operational excellence into a mature field portfolio
  • Increase value and extend field life by using Wintershall’s innovative approach to mature field development success
  • Guarantee a planned investment return by considering EOR and production enhancement from day 1: Cairn India show you how
  • Ensure you select the right weapon for every individual target with guidance from Repsol
  • Improve the economics of mature fields with fit for purpose technology: Hear the strategy behind how BP are finding low cost ways to push reservoir limits

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Subsea 100 / An Introduction to Well-Control Equipment

Subsea Training Solutions, Houston
Aug 5 2014 -

Subea 100 for our Drilling Contractor clients. It’s a great opportunity to learn or refresh your knowledge, keeping you focused with our visual aids, 3D Models and a very engaging instructor.

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