Scientists Find Origin of Dissolved Iron in Central Pacific


A new study led by scientists at the Woods Hole Oceanographic Institution (WHOI) points to the deep ocean as a ...

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Scientists Develop Drone Submarines Through SUNRISE Project

Scientists Develop Drone Submarines Through SUNRISE Project

Engineers in the Portuguese town of Porto are working on SUNRISE, an European research project developing drone ...

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Scientists Find Manganese Nodules in Atlantic

The epibenthic sled generally collects biological samples on the seabed. Photo: Thomas Walter

The biology of deep-sea animals and processes of plate tectonics are actually the themes of the first expedition of ...

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Scientists Use AUVs for Seabed Shoot

Scientists Usea AUVs for Seabed Shoot

Scientists at the National Oceanography Centre (NOC) have used advanced photographic tools in an unmanned ...

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Scientists Think Deep Water Melts Antarctic Glaciers


The water temperatures on the West Antarctic shelf are rising. The reason for this is predominantly warm water from ...

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Coral Reef Scientists Scoop QLD Young Tall Poppy ...

Coral Reef Scientists Scoop QLD Young Tall Poppy Science Awards

Townsville-based marine biologist, Dr Sue-Ann Watson has been named Queensland Young Tall Poppy Scientist of the ...

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NOAA-led Scientists Found New Coral Species Off California

A catshark’s egg nest​, with its yellow egg cases. (NOAA)

A NOAA-led research team has discovered a new species of deep-sea coral and a nursery area for catsharks and skates ...

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Scientists Unveil Previously Unseen Details of Seabed

photo one SIO.jpeg

The scientists at Scripps Institution of Oceanography at UC San Diego and their colleagues have created a new map ...

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UW Students in Subsea Observatory Setup


Throughout the 83-day expedition, groups of UW students have each spent two weeks or more working aboard the UW’s ...

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Scientists Find Large Submarine Canyon in Med


A massive underwater canyon has been discovered in the Mediterranean near Italy by an international team of ...

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Scientists Find Evidence of Active Methane Emission at ...

Scientists Find Evidence of Active Methane Emission at Antarctic Seafloor

During an expedition with the German research vessel Polarstern off the sub-Antarctic island of South Georgia, an ...

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NOC: Scientists in ROV Expedition Off Ireland


A team of thirteen scientists, including 7 NOC researchers, recently completed a two week expedition on the RV ...

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Scientists Map Gulf of Mexico Dead Zone


NOAA and EPA supported scientists have mapped the Gulf of Mexico dead zone, an area with low oxygen water, ...

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Scientists Develop New Ways to Exploit Uranium from Seafloor


The U.S. Department of Energy selected a University of Alabama start-up company for an approximate $1.5 million ...

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UK Scientists Investigate Submarine Landslides in ...

UK Scientists Investigate Submarine Landslides in Greenland and Norwegian Seas

A team of UK scientists is sailing to the site of prehistoric underwater landslides near the Arctic Circle.  The ...

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Latest Coral Studies Point Out Dangers Affecting GBR


Scientists at a coral reef symposium in Canberra this week are examining degraded reefs off the Northwest ...

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UK Marks 70 Years of Modern Oceanography


On June 5th 1944, the day before the landings on the Normandy beaches, a small research group was formed in the ...

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JAMSTEC Scientists Study ‘California ...


Japan Agency for Marine-Earth Science and Technology’s (JAMSTEC) scientists, Dr. Chaoxia Yuan and Dr. Toshio ...

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US Government Honors NOAA Scientists


The White House awarded three NOAA scientists with Presidential Early Career Awards for Scientists and Engineers. ...

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Annette Barthelt Foundation Honors Young Marine Scientists

Award winners Dr. Kathrin Wuttig ( l) and Sarah Schnurr

Scientists from GEOMAR Helmholtz Centre and the German Center for Marine Biodiversity Research in Hamburg have been ...

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Scientists Create New Seafloor Ecosystem in Monterey Canyon

deep sea log

National Evolutionary Synthesis Center and the Monterey Bay Aquarium Research Institute (MBARI) have released a ...

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