Russia: Electric Propulsion System Improves Dynamic Performance of Rescue Ship Igor Belousov

Launched in Oct 2012, rescue ship Igor Belousov has a unique electrical power system integrated with electric propulsion system designed and manufactured by the Krylov State Scientific Center.

The integrated electric propulsion system mounted on Igor Belousov considerably improved dynamic performance of the ship making positioning and maneuvering more precise, which is determinant during rescue operations.

Also, designers managed to mount the propulsion system in a way making possible to equip the ship with large number of lifesaving equipment. Recall that Igor Belousov is designed for rescuing of crews from distressed submarines either lying on seabed or drifting on surface.

The ship is also capable to supply surface ships and submarines with high-pressure air, electric power, and life saving equipment. Another task is searching and examination of distressed objects.

For that purposes, the ship is equipped with a number of life-saving facilities, namely, a deep-sea submersible with operating depth of 700 meters, an up-to-date diving system for depths down to 450 meters, decompression chamber for 60 rescued submariners, unmanned remotely-controlled submersible with operating depth of 700 meters, standard lifeboat cutter, electrohydraulic crane with servosystem and lifting capacity of 12.5 tons, etc.

General characteristics:

Length (on designed waterline) – 97.8 meters

Beam (on designed waterline) – 17.2 meters

Amidships depth – 10.6 meters

Displacement – 5,037 tons

Full speed – 15 knots

Cruising speed – 12 knots

Cruising range at total fuel capacity – 3,500 nautical miles

Crew – 96 men

Accommodation capacity – 120 persons (including 60 in decompression chambers)

Endurance (as of food and fresh water supplies) – 30 days


- idle navigation – unlim ited

- lowering/lifting of deep-sea rescue vehicle – force 3-4

- lowering/lifting of diving bell – force 5

Source: Russian Navy, November 26, 2012