MESL in Benthic Characterisation for Torr Head Tidal Project


Marine Ecological Surveys Ltd (MESL) has conducted a benthic characterisation survey for the Torr Head Tidal Array development off of the north coast of County Antrim, Northern Ireland on behalf of Tidal Ventures Limited.

Tidal Ventures is a joint venture partnership between Brookfield Renewable Energy Group and OpenHydro Technology Limited.

The survey involved the acquisition of high quality video and still images across the Torr Head Agreement for Lease (AfL) area and proposed cable route options in order to effectively characterise the substrata and fauna, in addition to identifying the occurrence of any habitats or species of conservation concern.

Commissioned by Xodus Group, MESL has provided a report which will be used as a central pillar of evidence for informing the development of the EIA process and ultimately, the production of the ES.

Marine Ecological Surveys Limited is a marine consultancy providing authoritative scientific advice to organisations with an interest in the marine environment.

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