DEME’s GSR Contracts Normand Reach for Nodule Collector Trials

Solstad Offshore has been awarded a contract with Global Sea Mineral Resources (GSR), for the construction support vessel (CSV) Normand Reach.

The contract will start in 4Q 2018 and has a duration of 4-6 months.

The vessel will be mobilized from Europe with the mining vehicle “Patania II”, support equipment and containers, before sailing to San Diego (USA).

Patania II is a pre-prototype remotely operated mining vehicle designed to collect polymetallic nodules in water depths down to 5000 meters below surface.

The Normand Reach will work side-by-side with the German research vessel Sonne under the JPI Oceans project “Mining Impact II”, to perform an independent scientific assessment of the environmental impacts, generated during the Patania II tests in the Belgian and German License Areas in the Pacific Ocean.

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